venerdì 16 luglio 2010

Poses Hunt and DmD Poses together!


~W E L C O M E   T O  PRO POSERS  2010  H U N T~ 
   H U N T  O N L Y  F O R  P O S E S

DmD Poses is one of the stores involve in this project, and so for getting this
amazing pose!!!

Join Pro Posers Group and RUN! Cause DmD Do NOT have only Pro Poses Hunt to offer. We are having 30% SALE on ALL POSES!!!

 Have fun time hunting and shopping with DmD Poses!

DmD POSES & BODY STUDY New Mainstore!!!

 They are back, together again for this amazing project and they promise to get here with more strength!

Body Study & DmD Poses Mainstore!
Inauguration Party TODAY july 14th at 1pm slt!

And guess what!?? CRAZY SALES! DmD Poses having 30% all items and Body Study having 50% and 10L$ Hidden Item! RUUUUN!

Do you wanna Miss it?


Hope see you there!  ♥

Diconay Boa
DmD Poses Blog

domenica 6 giugno 2010

You will go CRAZY this time!

You will go crazy, push ya hair... I dunno! The thing is: DmD has 2, yes TWO new couple poses... They are getting Hotter and Hotter, so take a look and see for yourself:

and Entangled:

Are you sure you wanna miss them! You know where you can find them, they are irresistable, and I am sure you will ruuuuuuuuuuuun to get them as fast as you can!
If you don't know where to get them, lemme help a lil'. It's like getting them on the distance of ONE click :)

DmD Stores where you will find them:
DmD - Starlust

Have nice time shopping with DmD! :)

domenica 18 aprile 2010

New stuff in da house!

Seems like M4rk3tt0 stopped being lazzy and worked a bit sooooo... I bet you won't like to miss the new releases we have for you!

Ain't it hot? Mr. & Ms. Smith Poses used on the Calendar by Diconay Boa and DmD Poses Owner M4rk3tt0 Bonetto is now available in DmD Stores!
Want more? M4rk3tt0 lost his mind... see for yourself:

Yes! They are called 'Couture Trio' and are available now for you to make your fashionistas shoots! :)
And... You may think it's a lie but it's not, and when I say M4rk3tt0 Lost his mind, I really mean it!

See?  Frame.NET with 7 poses available and they are editable! So if you need a lil' adjust, you just can make it! 7 Backgrounds + 7 poses + hidable frame wall? What more can you ask?

Have fun shopping and photographing with DmD Poses! You know where to find us ;)

Best regards

sabato 20 marzo 2010

DmD Poses & Body Study 2010 CALENDAR

DmD Poses & Body Study 2010 CALENDAR is finally ready! After 3 months working with models, creating a great design for it and working on the pictures, the result is to be seen here:

Hope you really enjoy it as our team inlcuding Body Study, does!
Congrats on all the winners of this challenge as well!

The poses & set will be released on the Poses Fair, starting at 27th March! A special pack with all poses and lingerie will be available for the ladies that love glam at 100%

Best regards from DmD Poses & Body Study!
Happy time shopping!

martedì 23 febbraio 2010


... RUUUUUUUN to get it! It's really worth! See for yourself!

Ain't it sweet?
Now you can make your own pictures with your loved one :) Go ahead and get it!

They can be found at same places as usual:
DmD - Starlust
DmD - Fun and Learning
DmD - Iside

Have fun shopping with us! ;)

sabato 13 febbraio 2010

Ain't it totaly HOT?!?

Yes it is, and it's new too... will you stay indifferent to this one?
Valentine's Day is at the door and DmD Poses created this wonderfull couple pose for you to have fun with yor loved one!
I bet you won't leave thi one behind... You will run like a rocket to get it, and it's totaly worth!
Put your eyes on this!


What you think? Better not take to long or they will 'end it up' LOL
Go get this amazing new release on the usual spots!

DmD - Rodeo Drive        
DmD - Iside           
DmD - Fun and Learning       
DmD - Starlust

Have fun shopping with us!